Mercury Technological Centre
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The Mercury Technological Center, was founded as a nationwide organisation for initiatives on research and technological development applied to the environmental problem of mercury and associated health risks. It was founded with an open spirit and the desire to collaborate with national and foreign working parties, research institutes, universities and organisations that are interested in the search for knowledge about and solutions to the problems mercury can cause. The Centre has a marked “technological” vocation and prioritises research that can be rolled out into applicable solutions.

In the future, the Centre’s work will also focus on other heavy metals.

Mercury is highly toxic for human beings, ecosystems and wildlife. Mercury pollution was originally considered a serious local problem, but today it is seen as widespread and chronic on a worldwide scale. The Mercury Technological Center has been created to cover social needs associated with mercury and it falls under the development of actions 9, 13 and 14 of the EU Mercury Strategy.

One of the main goals of the Mercury Technological Center is to offer scientific and technological support to the businesses and organisations that need to reduce or eliminate the hazards related to the presence of mercury in their products, emissions and waste. The Centre also takes part in international projects and studies as support for particular problems that can emerge and for the taking of decisions on mercury on an international scale.



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