Mercury Technological Centre
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The Centre has a number of laboratories equipped with the instruments needed to perform a wide variety of analyses, including the following:


- Atmospheric emissions, mercury immission
- Water analysis; drinking water, wastewater, natural water
- Soil and waste analyses
- Biological controls

It has a wide range of equipment that includes the following:
- Plasma emission spectrophotometer (ICP)
- Atomic absorption spectrometer
- Portable heavy metals analyser
The Mercury Technological Center is fitted with the latest equipment on the market for analysing mercury and traces on every level. Said equipment includes the following:
- A TEKRAN 2700 unit for analysing methylmercury in water, fish and sediments.
- A MERCUR unit for analysing total mercury in different matrices with a detection limit of less than 1 ppt.
The range of equipment for the specific determination of mercury also includes portable machinery that measures mercury immissions in the air and two automatic mercury analysers (AMA – 254s) for the direct analysis of mercury in liquids and solids.

All the equipment in the Centre’s laboratories has been designed to respond to the wide variety of studies in progress as part of projects and research work on the presence of mercury and other heavy metals in the environment.
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