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Workshop on mercury management and decontamination in theframework of the Mediterranean regional plan on mercury
The past 12 and December 13 was held in the facilities of the National Technology Center of Mercury Decontamination "WORKSHOP ON MERCURY MANAGEMENT AND DECONTAMINATION IN THE FRAMEWORK OF THE MEDITERRANEAN REGIONAL PLAN ON MERCURY".

The workshop on Mercury Management and decontamination within the framework of the Mediterranean Regional Plan on Mercury approved by the Conference of the Parties of the Barcelona Convention in 2012. It is organized by the Regional Activity Centre (CP/RAC) of the Mediterranean Action Plan in collaboration with MEDPOL and the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food an Environmental Affairs, this workshop is a technical support activity that the CP/RAC gives to the most concerned countries according to the “Diagnosis of Mercury in the Mediterranean Countries” (CP/RAC, 2011). The Mediterranean Regional Plan on Mercury is focused to legal and institutional framework, production, trade, use, emissions, waste, prevention and control measures and the identification of future challenges.

The workshop has counted with extensive assistance from various environmental authorities representatives of the governments of the countries of the Mediterranean region as Algeria, Lebanon, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Italy, Israel, Morocco, Greece, Cyprus and Spain. Also attended as observers business people chlor-alkali sector and engineering companies, management systems and waste management of Ecologists in Action / European Environmental Bureau (as representatives of the Zero Mercury Working Group).

The workshop also served to meet the technical and technological capabilities with which include the National Technology Center of Mercury Decontamination, and its value for future collaborations regarding the issues arise. The list of papers presented during the workshop is available on the website of the Centre.

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