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Accreditation ENAC the Laboratory al the Mercury Technological Centre
The Laboratory at the Mercury Technological Centre has obtained the accreditation 1317/LE2383 of the National Accreditation Entity based on the Norma UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 as recognition of its technical competency for the carrying out of Mercury analysis.

The aim of Laboratory at the Mercury Technological Centre is to determine Mercury in different matrixes.

The objective of Laboratory at the Mercury Technological Centre is to carry out said determinations with the highest quality possible in accordance with the commitment assumed by the Mercury Technological Centre, continually improving its service.

Included within the reach of the accreditation are analysis of mercury in a wide range of concentrations, different technical analysis, in a varied number of matrixes (ground water, soil, wastes). The detailed description of the accredited analysis can be found in the Technical Annex I.rev.1 corresponding to the accreditation 1317/LE2383.

For the Mercury Technological Centre obtaining the accreditation for its laboratory implies that the quality of its analysis are carried out using professional practices based on the reliability of valid analytical methods, technical personnel with adequate training and the use of appropriate equipment which is perfectly maintained and calibrated.

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